Friday, July 25, 2014

The Look: Zoë Saldaña in Valentino Resort 2015

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Actress Zoë Saldaña at the London, UK premiere of her new film, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY on July 24, 2014. Zoë, who is reportedly pregnant with twins, covered her growing bump in a demure floral gown from the Valentino Resort 2015 Collection.

While this look wasn't my favourite dress from that season, Zoë looks beautiful. She's glowing.

The look from the Valentino Resort 2015 Collection. I think I prefer this sheer version of the dress to Zoë's.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nicki Minaj's Thirsty Ass is on Display


I laughed really hard at work when I saw this cover, and then I quickly closed my browser as ass-shots are a clear violation of my employer's internet and web usage policy.

This is the cover for "Anaconda", the upcoming single from Nicki Minaj.

It looks like Nicki used a King magazine photographer, along with one of Kim Kardashian's retouchers.

Clearly, Nicki wants your attention. Nicki has been begging for your attention of late. Nicki is going to get your attention the only way basic bitches know how, and it's not with her talent.

This has always been my criticism of Nicki, she has no faith in her talent. She always goes for the tits and ass first. Which is a shame, because Onika is gifted.

Let's hope the boys who really love this shot, are the ones who actually pay for music. . . 'cause Nicki ain't getting my money. 

Coverin' It: Bianca Balti on GQ Russia


Publication: GQ Russia
Edition: August 2014
Cover Star: Italian model, Bianca Balti
Photographer: John Russo

Coverin' It: Davinia Pelegri on GQ Portugal


Publication: GQ Portugal
Edition: July/August 2014
Cover Star: Spanish model, Davinia Pelegri
Photographer: TBC

Blind Item: Lainey Gossip (24-Jul-14)


She’s covering for him

He’s had his problems over the last year. He’s found himself in some sh-tty situations because of it. Why the darkness? It was stress. The stress of feeling that he can’t come out publicly.

Lately though…there’s been a turnaround. Career is in good shape. And there’s someone new in his life. What’s she doing for him? They get along well. They both party…HARD. But she’s not his lover, she’s his front. Because when she’s around, he can hook up with men. And she’s happy to cover for him. She’s playing her part so that no one’s looking at what’s really going on – which is that he’s been messing around with a wealthy older man who spoils him…with sex and drugs.

So the stress is gone. But not the habits.

The Gossip Wrap-Up! Guess: Zac Efron


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