Thursday, January 24, 2013

Katie Holmes Eyes Law School

The National Enquirer via Hollywood Hiccups, is reporting that unemployed divorcée Katie Holmes is considering quitting acting to pursue a career in law.
Katie started acting when she was a teenager, and she’s grown tired of that world,” said a source.

“She expressed a keen in­terest in law while splitting from Tom Cruise, and now that the divorce is finalized, she has the time, the money and the opportunity to go to school.

“More importantly, she wants to be a strong female role model for her daughter Suri.”
Does Katie even have her high school diploma? I'm pretty sure she needs that and a undergraduate degree to get into law school. Perhaps some law schools will make a special consideration and waive the undergrad degree, but that's rare and you usually have to have some sort of work-related experience. Playing a lawyer in a Batman movie shouldn't really count.

It's a nice story though. I'm sure her "team" is behind it. You can add this to the "Katie Holmes is a strong independent woman with options" archive.

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